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OpenTTD 1.7.1
Dziś wyszła nowa wersja Open'a.
Na stronie openttd.org posta jeszcze nie ma, ale w dziale download jest już do pobrania (chyba, że im się wersje pomyliły :Smile )
1.7.1 (2017-06-13)

1.7.1-RC1 (2017-05-04)
- Fix: Add missing game script event for ships arriving at a station [FS#6560] (r27859, r27858)
- Fix: StringID truncation to 16 bits broke string remapping test [FS#6555] (r27851)
- Fix: Infinite loop in pathfinder when checking safe waiting position from a waypoint [FS#5926] (r27846)
- Fix: [YAPF] Consider depot as destination before reversing path and applying penalty (r27843)
- Fix: Don't consider locks or ship depots as clear water when placing industries (r27841)
- Fix: Small news window's fake caption was not sized to fit its text (r27838)
- Fix: Black remap did nothing in 8bpp-simple blitter (r27837)
- Fix: Misaligned resize icon due to widget bounds being inclusive (r27831)
- Fix: Update viewport sign dimensions when changing GUI zoom level (r27827, r27819)
- Fix: Vehicle viewport is not user scrollable so flag window as such (r27823)
- Fix: Allow dropdown to be drawn above origin widget even with scrollbar (r27820)
- Fix: 32bpp-anim blitters assumed that pitch and width of the screen were equal [FS#6545] (r27796)
- Fix: Chat text background overflowed due to missing padding [FS#6526] (r27794)
- Fix: Failed to load lzo compressed savegames sometimes [FS#6450] (r27793)
- Fix: [Win32] Mark OpenTTD as DPI-aware to avoid OS window scaling that breaks mouse input [FS#6366] (r27791, r27790)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Get vehicle load amount after executing new cargo trigger [FS#6536] (r27788)
- Fix: AI configuration changed incorrect parameter when some parameters are hidden [FS#6479] (r27787, r27786)
- Fix: Buoys not always drawn after being placed depending on zoom level [FS#6508] (r27785)
- Fix: Allow rail conversion even if ship is on tile [FS#6505] (r27784)

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